What is


Organic simply is best described as the absence of any artificial chemicals, pesticides and only using nature’s own ingredients to produce natural organic products. Here at TSARA teas, everything we use to manufacture tea is purely organic. Even the fertilizer for the tea plants is organic specially made according to international organic standards. TSARA Teas has been thoroughly inspected by our certifying organic body on a yearly basis and we are very proud to be able to produce such high quality teas as nature intended. We are proud of our achievements and have obtained organic certification form Ecocert(SA) which is a French organic certifying body. We are also in the process of obtaining certification for Rain Forest Alliance.

There are four stages in the process of a

production organization becoming certified as Organic


for Certification

The first part of the process is where the client/organisation submits an application form. This has to include a full profile of their organisation and its products to the ECOcert/ IMO Swiss board.


for Inspection

The second part of this process is preparing for the inspection. This is where the client receives information on how to prepare for the inspection and a date for the inspection is agreed.

The official


Officials from ECOCERT and IMO Swiss undertake a full inspection of the premises i.e. where the tea fields are, the process of making the tea and the content of the soil and any organic fertilisers used. After the inspection, the client receives a full detailed report. Any recommendations following the inspection can be discussed and implementation measures taken if they are any to be made.


and Certification

The report is finally evaluated and a decision is made whether or not to approve the organisation as Organic. If approved certificate is issued.