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Galaboda Group, with the Tsara Tea brand, is proud to be in the field of Organic Tea production in Sri Lanka, winning hearts of many clients and tea lovers. We believe in giving the best by continuing the age old traditions of production and making of Organic Green Tea, Black Tea, White Tea and flavored teas. We are privileged to be a part of building our nation through prosperity for locale who works in the tea industry.

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100% Quality

Tsara Teas are with 100% quality of pure Ceylon Tea, with the best ingredients and best tastes.

100% Organic

Our whole tea estate is fertilized organically, and the whole tea production is organic, winning many awards.

75+ Years’ Experience

We began in 1935, and have continued to bring the best organic teas to the whole world for 75+ years.

Traditional Production

Our Teas are produced with the traditional methods of hand-picking and sun drying to give the best tastes.


Organic Tea

From the moment of growth until the end product, Galaboda Tea is certified for its organic content from ECOCERT (SA) from France and IMO from Switzerland. The fertilizer used in our whole estate is 100% organic, giving the truest of Organic Tea to the world. Hand-picked and sun or wind dried in the traditional methods of tea production, we 100% guarantee that all our organic products are chemical and pesticide FREE and manufactured in such a way, to bring all the goodness and health benefits of the natural tea plant to the cup in your hand.

It’s a Cup Made from the Perfect Blend from the Misty Mountains of Ceylon

Health benefits of Organic Green & Black Tea

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